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 8" gun gouge

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PostSubject: 8" gun gouge   Tue Sep 02, 2008 3:14 pm

OK here it is for 8" guns. After many sorties this is how you maintain perfect hits with a cruiser. The CV moves at exactly .2k per gun reload. So once you have hit target remember your range and if closing lets say from 12.6k out and you hit lets say a SB and are closing, your next shot AS SOON AS YOUR GUN RELOADS (no delay) should be 12.4 then 12.2 get the idea. now this is tested both coming and going from target just adjust your 8" plus or minus .2 once you score a hit. Provided your reticle is aimed correctly at target IE (left- right) you will continuously score direct hits. same works from a SB ranging CV once hit- provided its straight and steady always adjust .2 up or down. Bottom line is CV moves at .2k per the time it takes an 8" to reload. Peace Smile
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8" gun gouge
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