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 Points value

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PostSubject: Points value   Wed May 28, 2008 6:06 pm

IF you take a high perk plane up and you get discoed you loose those points. I spoke with Skuzzy about a 262 I took up last night. 2 minutes into the flight I was disconected from the game and it cost me 229 points. Skuzzy tells me that their system can't tell if you were discoed. He says that a lot of players will disconect their modems while flying a high perk plane to keep from loosing points when being attacked so you loose the points no matter what happends. I think that is bullshit because the system can tell if you ditch or land a GV. If you are discoed while taking off from an isolated base (which is what most do with a 262) the system should be able to tell their are no enemy threats and not take these ridiculously high points values. A word of caution. IF you up a high perk value plane record your flight. I was also told that because of the speed of the jet that you stand a greater chance of being discoed so cover yourself and record the flight guys or take the chance of loosing the points you have earned.
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PostSubject: Re: Points value   Fri May 30, 2008 6:34 pm

thats BS. used to not be that way but yet once again people dont consider this a game and look for any cheat possible. Im sorry to hear about your perky loss one minute you were there the next... poof condor, not even a feather!
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Points value
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